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A poor winter capelin season 2006
The winter capelin season this year has been the poorest on record.  The quota for Icelandic vessels was increased by 23.000 mt representing the allocations to vessels which have taken part in the surveys since June of last year. It was also increased in the middle of February by 17.000 mt...
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Capelin quota for 2006 increased
The Marine Research Institute recommended an increase in the capelin quota on 3.February and the Minister of Fisheries subsequently confirmed that the total quota should be increased to 210.000 tonnes thereof the Icelandic vessels are permitted to fish 150.000 tonnes for the fishing year...
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Initial capelin quota finally issued
The Minister of Fisheries announced late on 31st January an initial capelin quota of 100.000 mt to be caught from 1st Feb to 30th April. This announcement has been much awaited by the industry since June of last year. Numerous surveys since then had been unable to locate...
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Capelin landings in January 2006
The quota for capelin this season has still to be decided. The research vessel is still conducting the survey off of the east of Iceland. Capelin shoals have been found and samples taken, but so far the marine scientists have not recommended that a quota be issued. Twelve thousand tonnes...
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Blue Whiting agreement signed
On 16th December at a meeting in Oslo, the four coastal parties involved i.e. European Union, Faroe Islands, Norway and Iceland, came to an agreement on the total quota for the northern BlueWhiting stock and its allocation. It was agreed that the total quota caught within coastal...
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December capelin survey in progress
The research vessel has now completed a survey of the waters to the north and north west of Iceland. The results were not encouraging. They found no measurable quantity of mature 3 and 4 year old capelin. Several commercial vessels took part in the survey together with the research...
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Capelin survey postponed again
The official capelin survey due to commence on November 5th, has been postponed once again. Four commercial pelagic trawlers which had been surveying the waters off the north west of Iceland, returned to port last week without seeing any significant signs of capelin. The marine scientist with...
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More pelagic catch processed for human food
The trend during recent years has been for more pelagic catch to be processed for human consumption. Of the 633.000mt of capelin landed during 2004/5 season, 100.000mt were frozen for consumption in Japanese and East European markets. This trend will definately increase in the coming winter season....
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70% of Atlanto-Scandian herring caught in Icelandic waters
During May and June this year  47,400 tonnes of Atlanto-Scandian herring were caught by Icelandic vessels which is about the same as last year. But what is unusual is that 70% of this catch this year was made in Icelandic waters and processed in land-based freezing plants. The remaining 30%...
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Capelin survey postponed
The annual summer capelin survey, which commenced on 18th June, has been postponed due to the fact that little was seen of the 2+ year-class off the north and north west of Iceland. The waters there are cold which should be good for the shoaling of the capelin, but pack ice in the Greenland...
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