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Capelin season at an end
The final landings of this winter capelin season took place last weekend (20-21.March) and brought the total catch this season to 493.000 tonnes compared to a 5 year average (2000-2004) of 725.000 tonnes. The total capelin landings for the fishing year 2003 - 2004 amounted to 648.000...
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Further increase of capelin quota
After hearing the results of the latest scientific survey which was completed on 17th February, the Minister of Fisheries has now announced that the capelin quota will be increased by 240.000 tonnes. This means that the total quota is now 875.000 tonnes of which the Icelandic fleet is allocated...
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Capelin quota increased
In accordance with the recommendation from the Marine Research Institute, the Fisheries' Minister has announced an increase in the Icelandic capelin quota of 135.000 tonnes. This means that the quota which was issued in June last year, has now been increased from 362 thousand tonnes up to...
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Poor start to this year's Capelin season
The winter capelin season has started slowly this year. So far only 42.000 tonnes have been landed, which is by far the lowest catch in January since 1998. Fishing commenced in the first week of the year after capelin was found off the north of Iceland. Catches were not good and in...
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SR-mjöl receives GTP accreditation
SR-mjöl hf  has recently undergone an independent external audit of our working procedures. As a result, we are pleased to announce that SR-mjöl has received confirmation that it complies with the European Code of Good Trading Practice. For more information on the details of this Code,...
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SR-mjöl hf. A change of emphasis
In March this year, SR-mjöl hf and Síldarvinnslan hf officially announced a merger between the two companies. The new company is named Síldarvinnslan hf and is the largest Icelandic company involved in the fishing and processing of pelagic stocks. At the same time,...
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Capelin quota announced for 2003 / 2004
The Minister of Fisheries announced on 20th June that the initial Icelandic quota for the fishing year 2003 / 2004 is fixed at 362.345 tonnes. This compares with 410.422 tonnes last year at the same time. In addition, Norwegian vessels are permitted to fish 13.980 tonnes within Icelandic waters,...
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Uncertainty regarding Summer Capelin quota
The marine scientist responsible for the stock estimation of capelin has announced that there is considerable uncertainty regarding the allocation of an initial quota for the next fishing year which commences on 20th June. The  recent April survey off the north west of Iceland did not give...
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Results of dioxin and PCB survey
The fishmeal industries of Iceland and the Faroe Islands have cooperated in a large research programme whereby the four pelagic fish stocks utilised for fishmeal and fish oil production, have been thoroughly researched with regard to the levels of dioxin and dioxin-like PCBs. This...
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Concern for Summer Capelin season
The research vessel has returned to Reykjavík after a difficult survey of the capelin stock in Icelandic waters.  When the assessment of the three year old capelin was completed early in March, the Icelandic quota for the fishing year 2002 / 2003 was fixed at 765.000 tonnes of...
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