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Capelin quota increased by 220.000 tonnes
The Ministry of Fisheries has announced an increase of the capelin quota by 220.000 tonnes. This is in accordance with the recommendation from the Marine Research  Institute following their research in January. This additional quota is allocated to the Icelandic vessels and in addition 30.000...
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News release from the Boards of Sildarvinnslan and SR-mjöl
Merger plan signed by the Boards of Directors of the two Companies.Shareholders’ meetings will be convened at SR-mjöl hf. and Síldarvinnslan hf. in March, at which the Boards of Directors of the two companies will propose to shareholders that the two companies will merge from and including 1....
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SR-mjöl hf and Sildarvinnslan hf -further news of the merger
The Boards of SR-mjöl hf and Sildarvinnslan hf will recommend to their stockholders' meetings, that the two companies will be merged as from 1. January 2003. The two Boards have signed declarations to this effect. It was agreed that the shareholders of SR-mjöl would receive 40% of the...
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SR-mjöl hf and Sildarvinnslan hf commence merger discussions
The Boards of  SR-mjöl hf and Sildarvinnslan hf have agreed to commence formal discussions regarding a merger of the two Companies. It is hoped that these preliminary talks will lead to a result within two weeks. Síldarvinnslan hf has increased its share in SR-mjöl hf during the past...
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Financial results for first 6 months
During the first 6 months of 2002, the SR-mjöl hf group showed an after tax profit amounting to ISK 483 million compared to a loss of ISK 306 million during the same period last year.  Part of this recovery can be attributed to a 38% increase in the quantity of raw material entering the...
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Abrupt end to good summer capelin season
It has often been said that it is difficult to predict what the capelin will do each season. Just to prove that even this is wrong, this year's summer capelin season ended on exactly the same day as last year. 25th. July. On that day the capelin shoals distributed...
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EU directive regarding maximum level of dioxins
On 1st July 2002 the EU have applied the Directive (COM/2001/0493) concerning maximum permissible levels of dioxins in animal nutrition. This has beeen under preparation for almost 3 years. The fishmeal and fish oil trade has been involved in this preparatiom from the beginning. The Icelandic...
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Changes in management
Following the purchase of a large number of shares in May 2002,  two Icelandic fish processing companies now own directly about 43% of  the company SR-mjöl hf.  Sildarvinnslan hf, now owns directly 29,60% and Samherji hf owns directly 12,86%.  SR-mjöl hf has been marketing the...
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