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A poor winter capelin season 2006

The winter capelin season this year has been the poorest on record.  The quota for Icelandic vessels was increased by 23.000 mt representing the allocations to vessels which have taken part in the surveys since June of last year. It was also increased in the middle of February by 17.000 mt which was the remainder of the uncaught Norwegian quota. This means that the total capelin quota for the 2005 / 6 season is 194.000 mt. This compares with 803.000 mt for the previous year 2004 / 5.

So far 135.000 mt have been reported caught, of which 58.000 mt have been frozen for human consumption and 78.000 mt processed into meal and oil. The fishing is fast drawing to a close since the capelin would appear to be about 2 weeks advanced in maturity compared to previous years.