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Initial capelin quota finally issued

The Minister of Fisheries announced late on 31st January an initial capelin quota of 100.000 mt to be caught from 1st Feb to 30th April. This announcement has been much awaited by the industry since June of last year. Numerous surveys since then had been unable to locate measurable shoals of capelin until these past few days. The research still being done off of the east coast of Iceland, has now measured about half a million tonnes of capelin. As in previous years, 400.000 mt will be left for spawning and as feed for the cod during the next few weeks prior to spawning.

This 100.000 mt will be divided between Iceland (47.219 mt), Faroe Islands (30.000 mt), Norway (19.481 mt) and Greenland (3.300 mt) according to various international bilateral agreements.

Since the quota is still relatively small, it is considered likely that most of the capelin will be processed for human consumption.

The survey will continue during the next days, and it is hoped that an additional quota will be issued.