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SR - mjöl hf
Kringlan 7
103 Reykjavík

Phone: +354 520 3300
Fax: +354 520 3399

E-mail: info@srmjol.is
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SR-mjöl hf markets the production from eight Icelandic fishmeal plants.

Five of these are owned and run by its parent company, Síldarvinnslan hf.  These are situated in Neskaupstadur, Seydisfjordur, Siglufjordur, Raufarhöfn and Helguvík. The other three plants are owned by separate companies. Samherji hf runs a plant in Grindavík, HTH hf have a plant in Thorshöfn and Skeggey ehf have their plant in Hornafjördur.  

Information on all of these plants can be found under the "Production" section.

Information on the fishmeal and fish oil production can be found under the "Products" section.

During recent years, SR-mjöl hf has been selling about 55% of the total Icelandic production of fishmeal and fish oil. This is expected to increase during the near future as further companies elect to market their products through SR mjöl hf.

Most of the production is exported and only a negligible amount is sold on the domestic market. The main customers are in USA, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Canada, U.K., Finland and France.